The Blockchain Practitioners Conference China 2018 is to be held on September 18th, 2018, in order to ensure smooth progress and event quality, statement is made as follows:

1:  This event is an internal exchange platform for blockchain industry practitioners, aimed to encourage academic information sharing, exchanges and networking between delegates, exhibitors and sponsors. The event is focused primarily on Fintech, blockchain technology and application, digital asset governance and etc., project introduction is limited to technical aspect and application. The organizer shall abide by strictly the relevant laws and regulations, this event is not covering any ICO fundraising roadshow activities banned by relevant rules.  

2:  This event is not open to individual investors, press release is from the official event website, the organizer is not liable for any warranty and legal responsibilities for the information provided by any other website, mobile applications and document in writing.

3:  All the delegates shall provide registration information to the organizer, only the information was reviewed and approved by the organizer can the delegate attend the event, the participants shall observe the relevant rules governing social activities in public places and are prohibited to carry dangerous or destructive items or to take pets, they should be properly dressed and wear the identification signs required by the organizer, they should take good care of their belongings and be responsible for the safety of their personal property. 

4: The organizer is not responsible for the correctness, integrity, freshness and quality of the information provided by any person or entity, not liable for any action or inaction taken by anyone due to trusting (in full or in part) relevant content of the information.

5: There is no express or default guarantee of any kind in this event, including but not limited to suitability for specified purpose, suitability for sale, non-infringement and ownership guarantee. The organizer is not liable for any action of inaction by any third party and all the attendees during the event process, the attendees altogether shall be responsible for their activities in this event.

Organizing Committee of Blockchain Practitioners Conference China 2018

                                                    June 22, 2018